(Playing a board game)
Isaac: She didn’t have to look me in the eyes as she stabbed me in the back!
Isaac: Actually, I guess you never have to look someone in the eyes as you stab them in the back



(Playing Fibbage, where we find that trees in Melbourne have email addresses.)

Celia: I visited Melbourne and they didn’t say a single thing about these tree email addresses.
Isaac: Celia, come on. They’re tree-mail addresses.



(Playing Drawful where everyone thought the picture was a genie coming out of a chimney, but is actually “building a nuclear bomb”)

Isaac: We all know that nuclear bombs are commonly built with bricks and mortar.
Michael: Nuclear explosions are also known for being human sized.

Shark attacks


*Playing Wits and Wagers
Isaac: How many unprovoked shark attacks were there in 2004?
Anna: Well that’s realy subjective.
Isaac: I know, right?
Anna: What, you’re poking it with sticks. Hey, hey, are you provoked yet? Hey, hey, I’m bleeding!