Adam: My art isn’t good enough until people disagree with it.

Adam: Explain to me how splatters on a canvas is art. Does it represent how random life is? Because I can make up bullshit too.

Saran wrap


*Alan ties a CtFwS armband around adrake’s head over his eyes
adrake: This is the world’s worst blindfold.
glisson: I can think of worse. Saran wrap.
teisenbe: Saran wrap is a good blindfold. They stop seeing after a while.

scorri: I just got the saran wrap. Bad teisenbe. No killing.
Margaret: teisenbe, I have to agree with scorri here. You’re not allowed to kill people unless I tell you you can.



teisenbe: I gave sully’s resume to Jane Street, not realizing he had interviewed with them already. I just wanted schwag. Then they started asking me questions about the resume. I just gave noncommital answers. Like, they asked me about my time in compilers. “I could have written a compiler. Yeah”