Alan: That’s why they name virtual assistants things you wouldn’t normally say. So you don’t unintentionally say their names in conversation.
Ian: My mind went to a bad place. Like “What’s a name nobody would have? Oh, Hitler! They should name it Hitler.”
Mars: Wouldn’t make it past marketing.



The Champed Up prompt is “The Champion of Dating” and the match is Tindroutlook vs Bumblegram

Marina: Instagram isn’t technically a dating app
Dan: Neither is outlook
Greg: There are dates in the calendar, aren’t there?

Lightseekers Kindred Starter Decklist – Tech (Robotic Rumble)

These starter decks do not include a full rulebook, although rules summaries are on the included (themed) playmat. Decks also include two themed lifecounters to go with the playmat. Each deck also includes a Booster Card to scan.

Gatox the Reckless

1 x Body Morph (Buff)
1 x Nitro Heal (Defend
1 x Nuke (Buff)
1 x Contra Bubble (Buff)
1 x Smart Bomb (Buff)

1 x Leaking Generator
2 x Scatter Bot V01
2 x Bombling
2 x Ramparts
2 x Unstable Scavenger
2 x Repair Bot
2 x Robot Factory
1 x Time Worm
1 x Shield Wall

3 x Crazed Bomber
2 x Tyrax Mercenary
2 x Chrono Moth
2 x C25 Combat Warper

2 x Tyrax Fixer
2 x Clockwork Construct
1 x Unbron Barkeep
1 x Blast-Fuelled Battery