Averto Laboris: OK I am being the totally cliché soap opera gossip, but:
Averto Laboris: Marten and Padma
Averto Laboris: SWOOOOOOON
Alan V: baby time
Alan V: theyll have mocha babies
Alan V: itll be hot
Averto Laboris: unless they’re iced mocha babies
Averto Laboris: I hear that too many of them will make you fat

Plankton babies


Ian: Plankton babies!
Mark: The new hit cartoon. Plankton baby adventures.
Ian: Yeah, plankton babies. They solve problems that plankton babies solve.
Alan: What?
Ian: It’s the theme song.

Ian: Yeah, plankton baby adventures!
Ian (singing): When you’re alone, you have no friends, you can be friends with plankton babies.
Ian: Except I’m not sure that plankton has emotions.