(Playing Fibbage, where we find that trees in Melbourne have email addresses.)

Celia: I visited Melbourne and they didn’t say a single thing about these tree email addresses.
Isaac: Celia, come on. They’re tree-mail addresses.



(Emily is complaining about an article in Forum to Josh)
Emily: It made me want to cry.
Celia: It’s okay. He gets it.
Emily: I’m motivating him!
Jonathan: Apparently smelling tears lowers testosterone.
Emily: I’m going to cry and you’ll die!
(The discussion goes to how women supposedly find men more attractive when they’re sweaty.)
Celia: I like my men to work out in secret. And come to me freshly showered.



(Michael walks up to the photo computer, where Celia is editing photos)
Celia: Hello dear.
Michael: Rar
(Michael reaches for the keyboard)
Celia: No.
Michael (flailing): Grah rar rah, grah rar rah, grah rar rah, grah rar rah.
Celia: Fine, here.