Plankton babies


Ian: Plankton babies!
Mark: The new hit cartoon. Plankton baby adventures.
Ian: Yeah, plankton babies. They solve problems that plankton babies solve.
Alan: What?
Ian: It’s the theme song.

Ian: Yeah, plankton baby adventures!
Ian (singing): When you’re alone, you have no friends, you can be friends with plankton babies.
Ian: Except I’m not sure that plankton has emotions.



(From Delancey Restaurant, right next to Sharon’s apartment complex)
Mark: Should we take the Muni to Sharon’s?
Alan: No, let’s take the BART to SFO and fly to Oakland and take the BART to Embarcadero and Muni here.
Mark: No, take the BART to San Francisco airport and the bus back up.
Ian: You can rent a car and drive into the water.