eulalia062423: if you see someone streaking, yeah it’s me. you might want to close your eyes or put on glasses.
SoAL Gilder: O.o
SoAL Gilder: *blinks*
SoAL Gilder: how about i take pix and send them to everyone at ppa
SoAL Gilder: …if my camera doesnt burn out
SoAL Gilder: >_< eulalia062423: lol how 'bout FREAKING NO!!!!!! SoAL Gilder: lol eulalia062423: lol don't think anyone but college chicks needs to see that SoAL Gilder: LOL SoAL Gilder: BTW, that has been quoted eulalia062423: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! SoAL Gilder: mwahahaha SoAL Gilder: I WIN eulalia062423: ALAN YOU SONOFABITCHASSHOLECOCKMONKEYMOTHERFUCKINGTURD! eulalia062423: (all in the friendliest sense possible)

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