SoAL Gilder: guess what??!?
SoAL Gilder: GUESS WHAT?!?!
SoAL Gilder: GUESS!?!?!?
castironfeather: ??
castironfeather: whatttt???
SoAL Gilder: guess!!!!!!!!!!
castironfeather: nooo
SoAL Gilder: GUESS!!! 😀 😀 😀
castironfeather: tell me
SoAL Gilder: guessssssssssss
castironfeather: give me a hint
SoAL Gilder: …fine il ltell you
SoAL Gilder: you’re icky
castironfeather: lol ok
castironfeather: gee thanks..
SoAL Gilder: cmon that deserves more than a “gee thanks”
castironfeather: lol…
castironfeather: *thwacks*
castironfeather: better?

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