Alan: *is dead*
Alan: *is rotting*
Echidnapi: crap
Echidnapi: not on my sanebow
Alan: *flies buzz around*
Echidnapi: *kicks it off*
Alan: *is rotting under your sanebow*
Alan: *rot rot rot*
Alan: *decompose decompose*
Echidnapi: hmm..well, something will grow there I guess
Echidnapi: at some point
Alan: *big thorny bush grows through sanebow and splits it in 2*
Alan: *grow grow*
Alan: *split split*
Echidnapi: thats a lot of splitting and thorn bushes
Alan: yeah
Alan: what about the dead birds on your sanebow?
Alan: theyre still there
Echidnapi: meh, thats fine
Alan: cute little birdies crawling with maggots
Alan: maggots eating your sanebow
Alan: *eat eat*
Alan: speaking of which, i should go eat eat

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