Inuyasha TCG Feudal Decks

I bought some random card game starters. The Feudal Decks are a 2-player starter box.

Virtue Deck

5 x Hachi, Miroku’s Friend
5 x Inuyasha, Demonic Half Breed
5 x Kaede, Village Priestess
5 x Kagome, Priestess in Training
5 x Kikyo
5 x Miroku, the Cursed Monk
5 x Sango, the Demon Slayer
5 x Shippo, the Demon Child

2 x The First Shard

3 x Blades of Blood
3 x Hold On
2 x On Guard
3 x Overpowered
2 x Tricked

Evil Deck

5 x Demons
5 x Hiten, Enraged Demon
5 x Jaken, Little Bundle of Evil
5 x Manten, Bald Demon
5 x Naraku, Nemesis
5 x Sesshomaru, Aristocratic Assassin
5 x Sesshomaru’s Demon
5 x Weasel Demon

3 x Defeated
2 x Destruction
2 x Inuyasha’s Destructive Path
2 x Stuffed
2 x Tag Team
4 x Valuables

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