Lightseekers Kindred Starter Decklist – Nature (Insectoid Infestation)

These starter decks do not include a full rulebook, although rules summaries are on the included (themed) playmat. Decks also include two themed lifecounters to go with the playmat. Each deck also includes a Booster Card to scan.

Hiveking Ixxa

1 x Spiritual Turmoil (Buff)
1 x Vine Lash (Buff)
1 x Treetop Tribunal (Buff)
1 x Beast Within (Buff)
1 x Territorial Dominance (Attack)

2 x Mantix Tunneler
2 x Mantix Hatchlings
1 x Hungry Behemoth
1 x Insect Swarm
2 x Viscous Scalefang
2 x Mossridge Defender
2 x Stumpdrift Shaman
1 x Bloomback Draga
1 x Invigorating Stinkcap
1 x Fungal Medium
1 x Spectral Mantix
2 x Egg Chamber

1 x Feasting Skeetos
3 x Reckless Spirit
2 x Spirit Mob
1 x Crushing Charger

1 x Spinebark Forager
1 x Ashwood Nurturer
2 x Canopy Creeper
1 x Umbron Barkeep

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