Simpsons TCG: Bart Starter

I bought some Simpsons TCG starters. All decks are themed around a star character and have a card with deck contents. The others can be found here.

Simpsons TCG Bart Starter


1 x Jimbo Jones
3 x Milhouse Van Houten
3 x Nelson Muntz
3 x Otto Mann
1 x Rainier Wolfcastle
3 x Santa’s Little Helper
3 x Sherri & Terri
3 x Uter

2 x Bait and Switch
2 x Search and Destroy
2 x Slimy Tactics
2 x Sneak Attack
1 x Trading Up

3 x Bart’s Treehouse
3 x Kamp Krusty
3 x Phineas Q. Butterfat’s 5600 Flavors Ice Cream Parlor
1 x The Android’s Dungeon

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