volleychic303: booya
conformistnon: heya heya
volleychic303: huzza huzza
conformistnon: chumbawamba
volleychic303: ai carrumba!
conformistnon: chimichanga!
volleychic303: la bamba bamba
conformistnon: free willy
volleychic303: SAVE THE SHIRE!
conformistnon: release the enslaved cambodian deermice!
volleychic303: give saucy canards a second chance
conformistnon: donate to the aluminum sphere foundation of missouri
volleychic303: remember to get the sauce slathering machine patented
conformistnon: think charitable thoughts about other people’s pet problems
volleychic303: convince the soft-shelled snail to move into a bigger, better house
conformistnon: respect goes out to the most frumptious of the libertinian rat-chickens
volleychic303: Sicilian sweat shops must be shut down due to an unexpected outbreak of the measles (oh, those measles!)
conformistnon: attempts to recall any instance relating to the Event of Seventy-Six shall be punishable by jelly
volleychic303: the amanda must exit the vicinity of the study to dawdle to her room for a rest of the brain
volleychic303: awfiederzein, the amanda calls
conformistnon: the janellian eyelids are rebelling and falling to the floor, even as her hand waves in a goodbye motion
volleychic303: the amanda clicks on the upper right hand corner of the aim window, battling poop up ads right and left
volleychic303: ***POP
volleychic303: **POP
conformistnon: the esophagus becomes sore from laughing too hard at the silly typo
volleychic303: the amanda blushes profusely
conformistnon: shoo! shoo! the battalions cry. for there is work to be done!
volleychic303: the amanda uses her last bit of strength to type in “bye, adios”
conformistnon: adieu, adieu, for parting is such sweet sorrow
volleychic303: *dies*
volleychic303 signed off at 10-30-26 PM.

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