Megaman TCG: Power Up! – MegaMan Starter

I bought some Megaman TCG starters. The others can be found here.

Power Up! MegaMan Starter


1 x BattleChip Geek
4 x Determined
3 x Eat More Fish
1 x Heightened Defenses
4 x It’s Not Over Yet
2 x Rich Kid
5 x Power Pastries
2 x Recharge and Try Again
1 x Superior Technique
4 x Strength Under Pressure
2 x Worthy Opponent

Battle Chips:
4 x AreaSteal
4 x Cannonball
4 x LaserBlast
3 x RockCube
2 x TimeBomb
4 x Vulcan1

4 x Impressive Battlers
2 x That’s Too Easy
3 x Uncommon NetBattler

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