Wow TCG: March of the Legion Warlock Starter Deck List

I bought some more WoW TCG starters. Others can be found here.

March of the Legion Warlock Starter

Forang Deathrattle – Orc Warlock Horde
1 x Curse of Contagion
1 x Invoke the Nether
2 x Soul Inversion
2 x Swallow Soul
2 x Bloodsoul
2 x Bolan Earthmend
2 x Doshura Risestrider
2 x Erza Phoenix
2 x Ja’zoona
2 x Seamus Somerset
2 x Thulthun
2 x Volin Netherburn
1 x Crimson Shocker
1 x Devil-Stitched Leggings
2 x Against the Legion
2 x Forces of Jaedenar
2 x Natural Remedies
1 x The Blood Is Life
1 x You Are Rakh’likh, Demon

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