Panini DBZ TCG: Evolution Android 17 Starter Deck List

I bought a ton of Panini DBZ TCG starters recently, but I found it difficult to find any listing online of cards in each starter.

Here’s listings of the starter decks. (The others can be found here.)

S21 Android 17 – Judgmental (Level 1)
S22 Android 17 – Imposing (Level 2)
S23 Android 17 – Battle Ready (Level 3)
S24 Android 17 – In Action (Level 4)
S25 Red Ruthless Mastery
<1 random Personality or Mastery>
<4 random foil Red cards>

1 x S31 Stare Down
3 x S129 Red Blaze
3 x S130 Red Burning Rage
2 x S131 Red Hunting Drill
3 x S132 Red Tactical Drill
2 x S133 Red Back Kick
3 x S134 Red Blazing Aura
3 x S135 Red Blocking Hand
2 x S136 Red Burning Stance
2 x S137 Red Double Strike
2 x S138 Red Energy Blast
2 x S139 Red Energy Outburst
3 x S140 Red Energy Shield
2 x S141 Red Face Break
2 x S142 Red Freezing Beam
2 x S143 Red Frenzied Blasts
2 x S144 Red Heating Beams
3 x S145 Red Hop
2 x S146 Red Jump Kick
2 x S147 Red Lifting Kick
2 x S148 Red Lightning Slash
2 x S149 Red Power Lift
2 x S150 Red Power Punch
2 x S151 Red Right Cross
2 x S152 Red Shattering Leap
2 x S153 Red Slide
2 x S154 Red Surrounded Beams

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