Puppy surprise

Alan: “surprise surprise puppy surprise”
Alan: “how many puppies are there inside?”
Alan: “there could be three or four or five!”
Alan: rememebr those?
Alan: those were so dumb
RampantVoices: haha no actually
RampantVoices: lol *shakes head*
Alan: they were dumb
Alan: you buy them, and open up their stomachs
Alan: and youd find three to five stuffed puppies
Alan: and of cousre oyu never got five 😛
RampantVoices: o.O
RampantVoices: that’s.. creepy..
Alan: lol
Alan: yeah they were
RampantVoices: “peel apart the inmobile carcass of a formerly pregnant dog… LOOK! BABY PUPPY CARCASSES!”
RampantVoices: someone just killed their dog one day and went, “you knwo what would make a good toy…”

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