(Playing Fibbage, and a question comes up about how a king was proving coffee was bad by making someone drink it every day)

Tim: Look at what great shape our country is in, with everyone having coffee every day



(Mars is talking about taking their dogs to the vet)
Mars: We were afraid they were going to cut off their cheerios
Alan: Wait what?
Mars: Since Tristan loves cheerios, there are cheerios all over the floor…
Alan: Ohhh, literal cheerios
Tim: I thought that was going to be a euphemism



Alan V: we need more duplicate people
Alan V: we have two dans and two tims
Alan V: we need another keith and another greg
TimMierz: Or just change Keith’s name to Greg. That kills two Keiths with one Greg.
Alan V: i like the way you think
TimMierz: I like the way Keith Gregs.
TimMierz: I guess for this we’re considering Alan to be a Ian?
Alan V: well, duh
TimMierz: Just making sure