(The drawful drawing is a shooting video game with small-looking targets)
Mars: Alan, you were “toddler hunt”?!
Tim: It’s just giving them M&Ms efficiently. It’s okay.



(Talking about old games… Tim had created “Beeline” and “Do you like toast, Alan” in college)
Ian: Do you like bees, Alan
Tim: Pitch it
Ian: It’s a game where you feed bees to Alan. You roll dice to see how many bees you feed to Alan, and then you win
Tim: Now are these actual bees and actual Alan?
Ian: Yes
Tim: I’ll sign my name on the dotted line. I think you’ve got a hit on your hands



(Playing Fibbage, and a question comes up about how a king was proving coffee was bad by making someone drink it every day)

Tim: Look at what great shape our country is in, with everyone having coffee every day