Mind blown


Emily: Is it mind-blowing and orgasmic?
Patrick: Could it be mind-blowing and not orgasmic? Could it be orgasmic and not mind-blowing?
Emily: It could be an “eh” orgasm.

(Anna draws an analogy: Rectangle : Square as orgasm : mind-blowing)
Alan: I think… that’s backward? Everything mind-blowing is an orgasm?
Anna: You’re actually having intellectual orgasms all the time. You just don’t know it.



(The group walks past a puppy on the Cut and everyone “Awww”s)
Greg: I’m more of a cat person.
Emily: I love all animals. I’m not racist.
Greg: Even mosquitos?
Emily: Mosquitos aren’t animals.
Patrick: Mosquitos aren’t animals.
Emily: Greg was wrong about a SECOND thing.



(Michael is firing Patrick as Assistant EIC because he was just elected Publisher)
Michael: You’re fired.
Patrick: It doesn’t work that way. You have to tell the personnel manager.
Michael: I’m delegating to you to tell Sarah that you’re fired.