Supply chain


(Playing Power Grid; the resource track is extremely depleted and coal is extremely expensive.)
Keith: I sense that Keithco is going to run into some supply chain trouble.
(The 35 electro power plant [1 oil -> 5 cities] then sells for 90 electro.)

Dan: There is a high level cabinet meeting occurring right now where Angela Merkel is pleading, begging for anything they can get.
Keith: Please, please give us your trash.
Dan: Greece, we will give you euros for your trash.



(In a discussion about outfitting the Kiltie Band with cowbells)
Dan: Oo,
Keith: Is that a sponsored link?
Dan: Maybe. Aw, there are no cowbells on this page.
Alan: You should fix that.
Dan: Yeah, I’ll call someone at Mountain View. “This page needs more cowbell. No really.”