Amanda: Wow, you can blow, David?
David: Yeah
Patrick: David’s good at blowing.
Amanda: The BALLOON! Sorry!
Patrick: C’mon, blow harder. I know you can.
Vicki: First hand experience, Pat?
Patrick: No comment.

Amanda: How does he bl… put air in balloons?
Vicki: You can say “blow,” Amanda.



Patrick (looking at Guiness Records Book): It’s an anglerfish. The male attaches to the female and then his face grows into her body and then he lives off of her like a parasite. That is, after they have sex.
Vicki: Pleasant.
Patrick: Watch out Vicki, one of these days you two will be having sex and he’ll latch on to you and not let go and you’ll be walking around with this…. thing… hanging off of you. Then you’ll be Vickidavid.
Amanda: What? I missed everything…
Patrick: I was just saying how one of these days David and Vicki will be getting it on and he’ll latch onto her and never let go. And then they’ll be having sex forever.
Amanda: Oh.