Star Wars TCG: Attack of the Clones – Dark Side Starter

I bought some Star Wars TCG starters. The others can be found here.

Attack of the Clones Light Side Starter

1 x Acklay – Geonosian Creature
2 x Darth Tyranus – Dark Jedi Master (C)
1 x Geonosian Sentry – Geonosian Soldier
1 x Jango Fett – Bounty Hunter (C)
2 x Jango Fett – Bounty Hunter (D)
1 x Nexu – Geonosian Creature
2 x Zam Wesell – Clawdite Bounty Hunter (B)

Space Units:
2 x Droid Starfighter DFS-4CT – Trade Federation Droid Starfighter
2 x Geonosian Fighter – Geonosian Starfighter
2 x InterGalactic Banking Clan Starship – IG Banking Clan Transport
2 x Techno Union Starship – Techno Union Capital Ship
1 x Trade Federation Battleship – Trade Federation Capital Ship
1 x Trade Federation C-9979 – Trade Federation Transport

Ground Units:
1 x Commerce Guild Droid 81 – Commerce Guild Droid
1 x Commerce Guild Droid Platoon – Commerce Guild Droid
3 x Destroyer Droid Squad – Trade Federation Droid
2 x Geonosian Defense Platform – Geonosian Fortification
1 x Reek – Geonosian Creature
2 x Walking Droid Fighter – Trade Federation Droid

1 x Capture Obi-Wan
1 x Splinter the Republic
1 x Tyranus’s Edict

Battle Cards:
1 x Hero’s Dodge
2 x High-Force Dodge
1 x Knockdown
2 x Surge of Power
2 x Target Locked

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