Megaman TCG: Grave – SharkMan Starter

I bought some Megaman TCG starters. The others can be found here.

Grave Sharkman Starter


3 x Clever Trick
3 x Connection Interrupted
3 x Dogged Determination
3 x Eliminate
3 x Food Education
3 x Giving It Away
3 x Great Surprise
3 x Guardian of the Forest
2 x No Alternatives
1 x Out of Water
3 x Requital
3 x Surprise Transfer
1 x Surprisingly Sharp

Battle Chips:
3 x Cannonball
3 x CyberSword
3 x Guard1
2 x Guard2
3 x HiCannon
2 x MegaEnergyBomb
3 x Recovery10

3 x Frozen Out
3 x Loud and Clear

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