Megaman TCG: Grave – Bass Starter

I bought some Megaman TCG starters. The others can be found here.

Grave Bass Starter


1 x At Fault
3 x Carb Craving
2 x Deletion Inevitable
3 x Envious Evil
3 x Firm Barrier
1 x Flawless
3 x Focus
3 x Interconnected
3 x One to Talk
3 x Ready for Battle
3 x Set to Win
3 x Usual Policy

Battle Chips:
2 x AreaSteal
3 x Boomer1
2 x Boomer2
3 x HiCannon
3 x LaserBlast
3 x Vulcan2
3 x Vulcan3

3 x Chip Junkie
2 x Quite Confident
3 x Wrap It Up

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