Neopets TCG: Battle for Meridell – Kass Starter

I bought some random game starter decks. Here’s one of two starter decks from the Battle for Meridell expansion for the Neopets TCG. The other one is here.

Battle for Meridell – Kass Starter

Basic Neopet Stack:
2 x Blue Blumaroo
1 x Yellow Blumaroo
2 x Green Eyrie
1 x Red Eyrie
1 x Blue Skeith
3 x Green Skeith

1 x Count Boris
2 x General Kass

1 x Draik Skeleton
1 x Morguss

1 x Blumaroo Squire
1 x Darigan Skeith
1 x Eyrie Guard

2 x Chocolate Korbats
3 x Essence of Brain
1 x Kass’s Charm
2 x Meaty Pie
2 x Peachpa
2 x Spooky Beans
2 x Stale Bread
1 x Stone Snowball
2 x The Thieves’ Code
3 x Tomatoes
2 x Usica Berries

1 x Drackonack
2 x Eyrie Breastplate
1 x Makeshift Sword
2 x Meowclops

Something Has Happened:
1 x Chomp!
2 x Secret Passage

1 x Oubliette

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