Neopets TCG: Battle for Meridell – Meridell Starter

I bought some random game starter decks. Here’s one of two starter decks from the Battle for Meridell expansion for the Neopets TCG. The other one is here.

Battle for Meridell – Meridell Starter

Basic Neopet Stack:
2 x Green Quiggle
3 x Yellow Quiggle
3 x Red Zafara
2 x Yellow Zafara

1 x Jeran, Meridell Knight
2 x Kayla
2 x Morris

1 x Quiggle Runner
1 x Quiggle Scout

2 x Beyond Neopia
2 x Cheese
2 x Chocolate Korbats
1 x Escape Rope
1 x Faerie Pancakes
2 x Healing Potion
1 x Icy Snowball
1 x Light Faerie Token
2 x Lisha’s Charm
1 x Petpet Growth Syrup
1 x Slumberberry Potion
2 x Starberry
3 x Strawberries
2 x Water Faerie Token

2 x Jeran’s Armour
1 x Jeran’s Sword
2 x Puppyblew
1 x Sceptre of Banishing

Something Has Happened:
2 x Library Visit
1 x Gigantic Snowball

1 x Marketplace

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