Star Trek SE CCG : Dominion Starter Deck

I bought some Star Trek CCG Second Edition starters. The other decks can be found here.

Founders’ Homeworld – Home of the Great Link
Destroy Iconian Gateway
Rescue Prisoners of War
Salvage Dominion Ship
Survey Star System

1 x Authenticate Artifacts
2 x Command Decisions
2 x DNA Analysis
2 x Inside Collaborators
2 x Kolaran Raiders
2 x Limited Welcome
1 x Ornaran Threat
2 x Pinned Down
2 x Psycho-Kinetic Attack
1 x Sokath, His Eyes Uncovered!
1 x Systems Diagnostic
1 x Triage
1 x Wavefront

2 x E’Tyshra
3 x Founder Councilor
2 x Founder Leader – Forbidding Judge
3 x Imat’Korex
1 x Kilana – Disembling Envoy
1 x Martok Founder – Poison of the Empire
2 x Noret’ikar
2 x Odera’Klen
3 x Rak’tazan
2 x Sunad
3 x Tozara’Kesh
1 x Varen’agor

2 x Jem’Hadar Attack Ship
2 x Jem’Hadar Warship

2 x Cry “Havoc!”
2 x D’Arsay Archive

2 x Render Assistance

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