Star Trek SE CCG : Borg Starter Deck

I bought some Star Trek CCG Second Edition starters. The other decks can be found here.

Unicomplex – Root of the Hive Mind
Assault on Species 8472
Battle Reconnaissance
Hunt Alien
Salvage Borg Ship

2 x An Old Debt
1 x Authenticate Artifacts
2 x Command Decisions
2 x Failure to Communicate
2 x Justice of Vengeance
2 x Kolaran Raiders
2 x Limited Welcome
1 x Ornaran Threat
2 x Pinned Down
1 x Sokath, His Eyes Uncovered!
1 x Systems Diagnostic
1 x Triage
1 x Wavefront

3 x Acclimation Drone
2 x Borg Queen – Bringer of Order
2 x Calibration Drone
2 x Cartography Drone
2 x Computation Drone
2 x Information Drone
2 x Invasive Drone
2 x Opposition Drone
2 x Research Drone
1 x Seven of Nine – Representative of the Hive
2 x Transwarp Drone

1 x Borg Cube
3 x Borg Sphere

3 x Salvaging the Wreckage

2 x Borg Cutting Beam

2 x Analyze
2 x Render Assistance

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