Star Trek SE CCG : Klingon Starter Deck

I bought some Star Trek CCG Second Edition starters. The other decks can be found here.

Qo’nos – Heart of the Empire
Explore Black Cluster
Khitomer Investigation
Sensitive Search
Study Cometary Cloud

1 x Authenticate Artifacts
2x Command Decisions
1 x Equipment Malfunction
2 x Kolaran Raiders
2 x Limited Welcome
w x Microbrain
1 x Ornaran Threat
2 x Pinned Down
2 x Stellar Core Fragment
1 x Systems Diagnostic
2 x Tense Negotiations
1 x Triage
1 x Wavefront

2 x B’amara
3 x Dokar
2 x Gowron – Leader of the High Council
1 x K’nera – Klingon Defense Force Commander
1 x Kahlest – GhojmoH of Worf
3 x Kahmis
1 x Kitrik – The Tyrant Molor
2 x Kroval
2 x Meraht
1 x Rabal
2 x T’vis
3 x Vorax

1 x I.K.S. K’Vort
3 x I.K.S. Vor’cha


2 x Cry “Havoc!”
2 x D’Arsay Archive

2 x Render Assistance
2 x The Promise

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