Wow TCG: March of the Legion Druid Starter Deck List

I bought some more WoW TCG starters. Others can be found here.

March of the Legion Druid Starter

Taheo Skyspeaker – Tauren Druid Horde
2 x Earth and Sky
1 x Gift of the Wind
2 x Invigorating Touch
2 x Strangling Roots
2 x Sustain or Reclaim
2 x Bloodsoul
1 x Groundshaker Earnheart
2 x Ja’zoona
2 x Jaedan Sunshot
2 x Ruala the Spotter
2 x Silea Dawnwalker
2 x Tyrennius Scatheblade
2 x Yellowspine
1 x Crystalfire Staff
2 x Forge Camp: Annihilated
2 x Natural Remedies
1 x Retribution of the Light
1 x The Spirit Polluted
1 x Toxic Horrors

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