Wow TCG: March of the Legion Rogue Starter Deck List

I bought some more WoW TCG starters. Others can be found here.

March of the Legion Rogue Starter

Zag’zil – Troll Rogue Horde
1 x Adrenaline Rush
2 x Obfuscate
2 x On the Brink
2 x Bloodblade
2 x Captain Swash
2 x Golas Swiftwind
2 x Gurzuk
2 x Hota the Bloodsoaked
2 x Shadala
2 x Silea Dawnwalker
2 x “Spider Legs” McGillicutty
1 x Shadowstalker’s Sash
2 x Whispering Blade of Slaying
2 x A Traitor Among Us
2 x Levixus the Soul Caller
1 x Survey the Land
1 x Retribution of the Light
2 x Wanted: Durn the Hungerer

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