Panini DBZ TCG: Base Set Starter Deck List 1

Each deck comes with one of six random personalities and an associated mastery. The personalities are not in any way tied to which of the two “decks” you get.

The personality comes with a corresponding Mastery, 1 other random premium Personality or Mastery, and 3 random foil cards.

The “decks” are not playable, as they contain a mix of styles of cards.

S31 Black Power Up
S32 Blue Stretch Kick
S33 Namekian Concentration
S34 Orange Energy Gathering
S35 Red Burning Rage
S36 Saiyan Offensive Rush
S37 Black Targeting Drill
S38 Blue Mental Drill
S39 Namekian Combat Drill
S40 Orange Devouring Drill
S41 Orange Energy Dan Drill
S42 Orange Steady Drill
S43 Red Tactical Drill
S44 Saiyan Retaliation Drill
S45 Black Command
S46 Blue Reprimand
S47 Namekian Silencing
S48 Orange Excavation
S49 Red Blazing Aura
S50 Saiyan Prelude
S51 Black Lightning Storm
S52 Black Capture
S53 Blue Arm Blast
S54 Blue Energy Overload
S55 Namekian Overhead Blast
S56 Namekian Focused Beams
S57 Orange Palm Blasts
S58 Orange Rage
S59 Red Heating Beams
S60 Red Energy Blast
S61 Red Energy Outburst
S62 Saiyan Triangle Beams
S63 Saiyan Energy Rupture
S64 Black Swipe
S65 Blue Guard
S66 Blue Avoidance
S67 Namekian Crossed Guard
S68 Orange Energy Evasion
S69 Red Energy Defensive Stance
S70 Saiyan Focus
S71 Black Defensive Burst
S72 Black Entanglement
S73 Black Side Thrust
S74 Blue Torpedo
S75 Blue Round Throw
S76 Namekian Crushing Slam
S77 Namekian Elbow Strike
S78 Orange Truck Lift
S80 Red Power Lift
S81 Saiyan Direct Strike
S82 Saiyan Flying Tackle
S83 Saiyan Left Kick
S84 Saiyan Sabotage
S85 Black Finger Block
S86 Blue Fist Catch
S87 Blue Wrist Block
S88 Namekian Knee Block
S89 Namekian Narrow Escape
S90 Red Catch

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