Panini DBZ TCG: Awakening Trunks Starter Deck List

I bought a ton of Panini DBZ TCG starters recently, but I found it difficult to find any listing online of cards in each starter.

Here’s listings of the starter decks. (The others can be found here.)

S26 Trunks (Level 1)
S27 Trunks (Level 2)
S28 Trunks (Level 3)
S29 Trunks (Level 4)
S30 Red Ascension Mastery
<1 random Personality or Mastery>
<4 random foil red cards>

1 x S31 Confrontation
3 x S148 Red Back Kick
2 x S149 Red Blazing Aura
2 x S150 Red Blocking Hand
2 x S151 Red Catch
3 x S152 Red Chop
2 x S153 Red Destiny
2 x S154 Red Double Strike
3 x S155 Red Duck
2 x S156 Red Energy Blast
2 x S157 Red Energy Defensive Stance
2 x S158 Red Flares
2 x S159 Red Frenzied Blasts
3 x S160 Red Heating Beams
2 x S161 Red Intimidation Drill
3 x S162 Red Power Lift
3 x S163 Red Power Rush
3 x S164 Red Right Cross
3 x S165 Red Smash
3 x S166 Red Sword Stab
2 x S167 Red Tactical Drill
2 x S168 Red Tandem Blast
3 x S169 Red Vault
3 x S170 Red Right Knee
2 x S171 Red Energy Outburst

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