Wow TCG: Dark Portal Mage Starter Deck List

I bought a ton of WoW TCG starters recently, but I found it difficult to find any listing online of cards in each starter.

Here’s listings of the starter decks. All 9 Azeroth and 6 of the 9 Dark Portal starters are listed, along with Death Knight and Drums of War. Mostly for my own reference. (The others can be found here.)

Dark Portal Mage Starter

Ruby Gemsparkle – Gnome Mage Alliance
2 x Arcane Missiles
1 x Blistering Fire
2 x Deep Freeze
1 x Evocation
2 x Scorch
2 x Bretander of the Claw
1 x Brother Rhone
2 x Cerwyn
2 x “Chipper” Ironbane
2 x Pithran Mithrilshot
1 x Primalist Naseth
2 x Scaramanga
2 x Timm
2 x Vindicator Enkallus
1 x Crimson Felt Hat
1 x As the Crow Flies
1 x Divino-matic Rod
1 x A Donation of Silk
2 x The Dying Balance
2 x Finkle Einhorn, At Your Service!

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