SoAL Gilder: pat-Hi katie who r u? but it does add to his gilyness, that is, if it is possible for any more to be added. not as much as a dress though. Hmmmmm….a dress… AND PANTIES!!!!!!!!!!!
SoAL Gilder: O.o
JPJSerapis: yeah i know
SoAL Gilder: *blink blink*
JPJSerapis: heh
SoAL Gilder: dont want that image in my head
JPJSerapis: don’t… ask… me
SoAL Gilder: X(
SoAL Gilder: too late
JPJSerapis: no fucking idea
JPJSerapis: lol
SoAL Gilder: *dies*
JPJSerapis: damnit alan
JPJSerapis: stop picturing me in panties

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