Alan: i want a marielamobile…
Alan: i have no idea what the hell that is
Alan: but meh
Alan: i like the sound of it
Dan: it’s obviously a mobile made by mariela, which means… but it doesn’t work, because i can’t ride a cell phone to your room
Alan: XD hahaha
Alan: or it could be a car made by mars
Alan: which would work
Dan: perhaps, tho you wouldnt’ just call it a mobile… cuz like… u gots ta tack teh auto on there
Alan: mobilarielauto
Dan: ooooooo

Mariela: so…i need to make you guys a car?
Alan: yep
Mariela: you DO know i’m in MCS, not like…Honda college
Alan: but mcs secretly stands for mariela’s car school
Mariela: LOL
Alan: so you must be able to make cars
Mariela: no, sorry
Alan: aww
Mariela: i cant even pass the theoretical test

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