matts0226: i got it by (i hate saying this)….fingering you
Alan: ah
matts0226: that’s……..WRONG!
Alan: hmmm
matts0226: you kjnow you wanna finger sg2e
matts0226: go on…do it
Alan: what?
matts0226: you know you wanna finger sg2e
Alan: sg2e?
matts0226: yes
Alan: ok…
Alan: its just his info
Alan: nothing special
Alan: Stephen Garoff
Alan: physics
Alan: chem e
matts0226: yes
matts0226: OMG alan fingered garoff!
matts0226: that’s so nasty man!
Alan: lol
matts0226: you’re sick!
Alan: 😛
Alan: ill finger you next if you dont stop
matts0226: don’t come near me
Alan: 😛
matts0226: you must have done it before
Alan: *fingers msarnoff*
Alan: you have office hours? O.o
matts0226: er, yes
Alan: A- blood
matts0226: right
Alan: sex only when you dont have homework due
matts0226: and yes, i have homework due. don’t get any ideas
Alan: amazing what you can find out by fingering someone
matts0226: GOOD GOD
Alan: ?
matts0226: someone has an account with username “me”
matts0226: so you can type “Finger me”!

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