Alan: i have a package
Alan: gotta go back to UC
Alan: >_< Echidnapi: oooooh Alan: eh ill get it tomorrow Echidnapi: cool Echidnapi: ah, oh well, probably was a bomb anyways Echidnapi: if there are people watching aim traffic Echidnapi: BOMB Echidnapi: ASSASINATION Echidnapi: KABOOM Echidnapi: PACKAGE Alan: O.o Alan: O.o Echidnapi: err *cough* Alan: *thwaks* Echidnapi: I saw a dog sniffing the bleachers, I assume for bombs, probably not for crack cocaine Alan: yeah Alan: we went to the second floor doherty Alan: to get a vintage point for pictures Alan: theres a womans bathroom overlooking the area Echidnapi: got to see the bomb checkers? Alan: there was an armed guard preventing people from using the bathroom Alan: -_- Echidnapi: ooooooooooooh

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