Bring it

Homie Jain: yup…we got the act down…all we need now is old people’s running suits..maybe a cane..and some dentures
Homie Jain: and we’re ready
volleychic303: hahaha
volleychic303: dentures?
volleychic303: i dont know what YOURE talkin about, i’m not the one who needs dentures!
volleychic303: thats YOU!
Homie Jain: lol sure you do
Homie Jain: those teeth are coming off one way or another *shakes fist*
volleychic303: hahaha
volleychic303: oh!
volleychic303: you picking a fight with me now, girl?/
volleychic303: oh, bring it!
Homie Jain: BACK UP!!
Homie Jain: you can’t beat da masta
Homie Jain: i’ll pop one in yours before you can realize who you’re dealin’ with
volleychic303: oh yeah?
volleychic303: Huh?
Homie Jain: i’m the mad hata from the street of compton
volleychic303: you forgot who i was back in the day!
Homie Jain: me and my homie crew will beat you down!!
Homie Jain: you were nothing back in the day! you was some mad crazy foo’ who thought they could make it out on the streets
volleychic303: yeah? huh?
volleychic303: youre memory’s failing!
volleychic303: im not the one with the bad memory!
volleychic303: YOU ARE
volleychic303: AND DONT YOU FORGET IT
Homie Jain: my memory’s as good as ever!! you wanna mess with me?!!?
volleychic303: heck yea!
volleychic303: bring it on, old one!
Homie Jain: you wanna mess with THE gangsta back in mah days… watch yo’ back
volleychic303: youre just a pile of skin!
volleychic303: youre just a sack of ORGANS AND TISSUE!
Homie Jain: as much a pile of skin as you are!!
Homie Jain: look at you trying to be all cool with your heavy gangsta can’t even carry them!
volleychic303: oh yeah? well im not the one who needs DENTURES!
volleychic303: you cant even hold TEETH in YOUR mouth, i dont know what youre talkin bout girl
Homie Jain: you will when i’m through wid you
Homie Jain: oh you better be ready
Homie Jain: 3 o’clock me at the corner of the street
volleychic303: oh yeah? im not the one who needs to make sure she has her DIAPERS in her PANTS because her bladder’s failing!
Homie Jain: have your crew ready
volleychic303: how’re you even sposed to WALK to the corner??!
volleychic303: you need for CANE!
volleychic303: HA!
Homie Jain: ooo you watch your mouth little girl..i can beat yo’ a** any day!!
Homie Jain: and if ic an’t! my crew of young people sure can!!
volleychic303: oh yeah? well, at least i GOT one, miss i had to get surgery on my butt cause it got too big and there was a tumor!
volleychic303: psh, what young ppl, we hate them all, remember?
Homie Jain: nasty a** fool aren’t ya?
volleychic303: anyways, at least i got some
volleychic303: at least i got a HUSBAND
volleychic303: you couldnt even git one
Homie Jain: an invisible one!!
volleychic303: everyones so afraid of your TEETH
Homie Jain: cause i’m independent!!
Homie Jain: i dont’ need no man to take care of me!
volleychic303: your teeth are independent? heck, thats right, theyre so independent that they keep comin out of your mouth!
Homie Jain: i be fine up in dis joint with out some crazy fool trying to boss me around
volleychic303: theyre about to start a revolution in that little hole in your face!
Homie Jain: this whole in my face can chew you down!!!
Homie Jain: that’s right..i’m white!!
volleychic303: with what?
volleychic303: your GUMS?
Homie Jain: don’t underestimate the gums baby
Homie Jain: i got gingivitis coming out the yinyang that can kill you anyday!
volleychic303: theyre MUSH for heavens sake!
Homie Jain: mush in your world..poison for you in mine
volleychic303: hecK! you cant even GIT your gums on my flesh!
volleychic303: you cant even MOVE~!
Homie Jain: i’m must have mistaken that for your old bones!!
Homie Jain: look at you!!
Homie Jain: you’re going to break if you move
Homie Jain: !!
volleychic303: well,at least i GOT bones!
Homie Jain: but you ain’t got a spine
Homie Jain: OOOO DIS!!
volleychic303: im not the one who needs a BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT!
Homie Jain: whatcha gonna do about it!?
volleychic303: well, at least i got BONES
volleychic303: all yous got is organs and tissue
Homie Jain: which you don’t have’
volleychic303: well, at least bones are HARD

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