Pokemon stuff

Everything on this page is from abroad and extremely hard to find in the states.

Special Thanks to Tamako for the cookies and my aunts for the stickers and stamps.

This is a box of Pokemon “Cookies” along with a bag for them. You get 2 packs of 4 cookies each. They resemble moon cakes and contain custard. They are HUGE and taste GREAT! The cookies are shaped like Pikachu’s head, by the way.

This is a set of Pokemon stamps for Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

This is a set of Pokemon sticker books with thousands of stickers. All the text is in Thai.

This is a package of Pokemon cookies and M&M-like sweets from Japan. The sweets are in the middle (they have small pictures of Pokemon on them). The cookies are at the right. They are shaped like various Pokemon and taste like coconut cookies.